Dr. Chitwood

My father always said, “What could be better than taking care of a man of God who is always taking care of so many others.”


Michael Chitwood is America’s #1 expert and strategist on finance. A successful American businessman, author, philanthropist, educator, motivational speaker and a Christian Man.
Dr. Michael Chitwood currently serves as the founder and Chairman of the Religious Organization, “International Congress of Churches and Ministers”, an organization that provides leaders and business entrepreneurs with practical, personal and business financial education through books, DVD’s, seminars, conferences, social media broadcasting, coaching and workshops. Dr. Chitwood is a world-renowned author of wealth and prosperity at the national and global level. He has authored more than 150 books on the subject of financial management, strategizing and accumulating wealth to help others achieve financial independence. Dr. Chitwood fundamentally believes that the world needs more entrepreneurs to create jobs, promote economic growth and financial development globally. Additionally, Dr. Chitwood has conducted more than 150 conferences per year nationally and internationally. He is well known for his ability to simplify complex concepts and ideas as they relate to business, finance and economics. He resonates with his multicultural audiences of all ages as he encourages and empowers leaders to become financially educated and to take control of their financial futures.


Michael was taught great compassion for people and commitment to a hard-working and balanced-life ethic from his highly principled Christian mother and father.


Dr. Chitwood is the Chairman and CEO of Chitwood & Chitwood, P.C., the largest financial services firm in the United States of America for churches and nonprofit organizations. Dr. Chitwood receives hundreds of invitations to speak at churches, universities and corporate functions each week. He is known worldwide as one of the most knowledgeable, influential and dynamic speakers of his time. He is regarded as “The Authority” by the hundreds of thousands who have witnessed his teachings. Dr. Chitwood continues to impact and change lives everywhere he goes, empowering people with wisdom and knowledge.


Even as a young boy, Michael was studying wisdom and wealth. His first business venture came at the early age of 14. When most of his friends were busy playing baseball, Michael was studying and planning how to start and grow his own business. He had an entrepreneur’s spirit and a drive to succeed.


Dr. Chitwood’s live Financial & Tax Conferences have attracted 7 million leaders over 48 years he has been offering the conference. Each year he will teach 700,000 leaders how to be compliant with the IRS and have their books on financially sound ground.


He is listed in the Who’s Who in Professional Speaking as a lecturer on financial, motivation and tax planning for ministers, churches and nonprofits.



Dr. Chitwood is the #1 Wealth Coach globally.  His Millionaire Bootcamps and Power to Prosper conferences are held all over the country. The first Millionaire Bootcamp was held in Chattanooga TN on March 24, 25, 26th 2016. There were 1163 registered attendees. On March 25, 2016  an ordination and consecration ceremony was held and 401 leaders received their ministerial credentials.


ICCM WORLDWIDE IS THE OFFICIAL SPONSOR OF DREAMS…this is the life works of Dr. H. Michael Chitwood. He is committed to “MAKING AMERICA DREAM AGAIN.”


Dr. Chitwood has extended his reach into social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Periscope are a few of the venues where he can be located. He has an extensive following in excess of 4.5 million leaders. He has been acknowledged as the fastest growing Public Figure on Periscope. Dr. Chitwood continues to mentor his leaders via live broadcasts on Periscope. He provides wealth coaching, biblical teaching as well as comprehensive practical instruction via the interactive broadcasts that are viewed all around the world. His leadership exemplifies all that he embraces and holds significant in his life…the love of God, the love of people and the love of knowledge and wisdom. He has stated within a broadcast recently that he will devote the rest of his life to ensuring all those that are a part of his beloved “Chitwood Family” dreams come true. He shares all the knowledge he possess with the leaders who have the desire to become successful entrepreneurs.


“God has emphatically spoken to me to take every aspect of what we do now and what we will continue to do for individuals, churches, pastors and nonprofit organizations and make it available in a combined worldwide fellowship of Christians.”